Welcome to The Western Orthodox Church information site.  We hope you will find our new site to be informative, instructive and necessary for you to return to over and over for your daily food and information of what is going on worldwide.

We are Anglicans and others who have returned to the ancient Faith once delivered by the Apostles. We continue the Tradition and Worship delivered by them through St. Aristobulos, St.s Paul, Peter and Andrew. The Western Orthodox Church is the true, valid Orthodox Church in the West according to the ancient canons of the apostles and the church. We will endeavor to begin your education of the ancient church and hope you will have a hunger for the knowledge and will seek out the living of that knowledge in your local Western Orthodox church. A website can only give you head-knowledge. To truly understand, you must experience the life of the Church personally. If there is not one near you, we will help you get a study group started where it can grow to eventually become a church.

If you are clergy from another church and would like to study with us and learn about Orthodoxy, please contact Monsignor St. Clair at msgrstclair @ thewesternorthodoxchurch.org. We welcome you joyfully.